SAFEBUILD Modern Workshoes

SAFEBUILD Modern Workshoes

SAFEBUILD Modern Workshoes

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Veiligheidsschoenen met stalen neus - Niet verkocht in winkels |  Veiligheidsschoenen, stalen neus, arbeidsveiligheid

Experience the safety and protection of work shoes while enjoying the convenience of a sneaker. THE ALL IN ONE SOLUTION! These work shoes protect you from the most extreme and harsh conditions, without sacrificing comfort - they fit like a glove!

Steel toe tips made of heavy-duty steel fully protect your toes from crushing, falling objects, and heavy impacts. In addition, the rubber sole insulates against electric current, but at the same time provides excellent grip. Extremely flexible and bends effortlessly with the shape of your feet. Designed for ultimate comfort for all foot sizes, no matter what movement work requires.


  • Light and breathable - These work shoes take into account people who have to walk or run a lot. Because of the lightweight, you will prevent foot discomfort. Because the shoes are extremely breathable you prevent sweaty feet. No more smelly feet with these work shoes!

  • Safe soles - These modern work shoes are equipped with a non-slip sole. This is useful for both outdoor and indoor use. Because the soles are damage resistant, you don't have to watch where you take your steps. You can wear the shoes wherever you want!

  • Steel Nose - You do not notice the steel noses on your feet, but they are there. This ensures that you don't have to worry about your toes during your work or sport, because they are very well protected.

  • Indestructible - These work shoes are suitable for both men and women. You can wear them whenever and wherever you want. They ensure the safety of your feet and toes.

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